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Spalding Wastewater System

Mission Statement

To provide quality wastewater, fire and recreation services to our community in a professional, reliable and responsible manner.

Our wastewater collection system is known as a STEP/STEG system.

It starts with your septic tank, which gives the waste its primary treatment with scads of hungry little bugs (bacteria) that turn most of the "stuff" into gas. What's left is liquid and sludge. The nearly clear liquid moves by gravity or is pumped through a screen into a collection system. The rest is sludge that stays in the tank until it is necessary to have it pumped out. How often this needs to be done is dependent on how much and what you put down your drain and how healthy and efficient the "bugs" in your tank are.
All of this liquid, called "effluent" is gravity fed and/or pumped through the system to many acres of evaporation ponds located across County Rd. A1 at Spalding Road. These ponds, nearly odor free, take oxygen from the air and use sunlight to keep millions of little green plants, algae, growing like crazy. They remove carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other nutrients from the water. At the same time there is enough evaporation to keep up with the inflow so that no water is discharged into the ground water. It’s a great system and we want to keep it working well at a low cost to all of us. We don’t want to mess it up!