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Ed Lawson, Director

You may email me at the address above.  I accept comments concerning the content of this website,  i am also open to questions.  Feel free to comment as you wish.  You are not required to provide your email address to leave a comment,  (If you would like a reply, (obviously you would need to leave your email address).  I cannot guarantee that I will have the authority or information to answer your question.  In such circumstance, I will inquire to a higher level.  After all is said an done, my answer may be "I don't know".  I will not leave you without at least an acknowledgement on my part..  My only request "please don't ask if there is any chance that you may not accept whatever the answer may be".  I will do my best, but I will not to get into an in depth explanation or discussion on the pros, cons or other.  (I do not represent the entire board).

It is my responsibility, as well as my privilege, to serve or assist you in any way that I can to make our community a better place to live!   


(04-11-18 - present)