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Lake Level Updates

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The new picnic area is complete! The fish exists!

An update on the lake level, on December 2, 2011, the lake level was at 5095.95.  Dr. Bateson reported lake levels on May 16, 2010, of 5097.36, the highest level in 2010.  2010-2011 was the wettest year since the 2005-2006 season and is the second wettest year since 1996-1997.  2011 has seen the wettest June since 1995 and the second wettest June over the past 30 years.  The yearly rainfall total was 30.72 inches, or 151% of average.  On June 11, 2011 the lake was at its highest level at 5097.68.  The first of April 2012 lake level is 5096.5.  On November 26, 2012, Dr. Bateson measure the lake at 5094.22.  We received 5.77" of rain in December 2012.
As of April 28, 2013, the Lake today at 5095.44 feet.  Measured at 5.25 inches above 5095 feet.  It is only 7.8 inches higher than it was last August and has come up 1.18 feet since its lowest point at the end of October last year. 

As of July 28 2013 the lake level is at 5094.44, a foot lower than three months ago!  We recommend that only small boats launch from our ramp.  The ramp will be open for as long as boats can continue to make it out to the lake.  As of July 19, 2013, the water level is below the end of the launch ramp.
The launch ramp at the South end of the Marina is now dry.  The water level as of July 1, 2014 is 5092.85.  This is very close to the historical low for the lake.

As of 8-1-2015, the lake level is 5091.4 feet  which is down 3.5 inches since July 4 2015.  It  has lost .875" per week.  Has 4.8" to go to break the all time low record.  There is 17.5" of water over the top of the rocks at the dock at the south end.  Spalding Tract recorded 2.68" during that period----It usually loses 1.5-1.8 inches per week during the summer months without rain.  

April 1, 2015 - I just spoke with a representative from the Forest Service and they are reporting that the ramp at the South end of the lake has 30" of water out to 75'.  It then goes to between 36" - 40" out to the open water.  They are going to put in some different docks that float on 12" of water.  They are going to try and keep the ramp open as long as possible.  The level of the lake as of May 8, 2015 was 5092.20. 

As of 8/30/2015, Eagle Lake has now broken the all time low record and is 1/3 of an inch lower than the record of 5091 feet which was recorded in 1935.

Doctor Bateson gave me an update on the lake as of the first weekend in July 2016.  The lake level is at 5092.23' or 6.35" higher than last year at the same time.

To get the latest on the ramp conditions, you can call their office at 530-257-4188.