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January 2016 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  We are finally enjoying some snow and a more regular winter at Eagle Lake.  The lake has begun to rise, and to date, we have had 7.70” of precipitation since July 1, 2015.  Hopefully this makes Pine Creek run for quite some time this Spring so we can get some much needed water in the lake!

The District is doing many things to try and save funds for the future.  We would like to ask those who have email accounts to call us and give us your email so that we can send your quarterly sewer billing via email and save on postage.  With this billing, if we have your email address, we are going to send you a bill on your email as well as in the mail.  Please let us know what you think about doing this!  Another way for the District to save money!

Speaking of money, the District has been looking for funding for a couple of projects.  The Fire Department needs a new water tender, so we are applying for the Assistance to Firefighters grant in hopes of obtaining funds to purchase a new or lightly used tender.  We also received $180,000 from Lassen County’s CDBG funding for drought relief in order to close two of the three sewer ponds.  It has been difficult to maintain enough effluent in the ponds to keep the liners secure due to the lack of people utilizing their properties in Spalding.  We had been pumping ground water to maintain some ballast in the ponds, but decided to stop when wells in the area began going dry.  This Spring, we will begin a project to close two of the three ponds, but still maintain their availability if needed.

Our new solar system is nearly a year old!  The system has exceeded our expectations and is creating enough energy to pay for almost the all of the power in the buildings on Mahogany.  Another money saving measure!

Please check out the Community Calendar on the “News and Events” page of our website.  You will be able to look at this calendar throughout the year to see what is going on in Spalding.  If you have an event you would like to place on the calendar, just email it to and we will post it on the calendar.  There are many events listed that you may want to attend.  

Winter hours have begun at the District Office.  We will be open W – F from 9:30 to 3:30.  Remember that the lobby is always open so that those with PO Boxes can pick up their mail and grab a newspaper.

We look forward to a busy Spring and the renewed activities with a useable lake!
Chris Gallagher, General Manager, SCSD and Staff!