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April 2016 Newsletter

Well Spring is here!  The precipitation has been much better this year.  As of the end of March, we should be around 16” of rainfall for the season.  This is as much as we received all of last rain season.  You can really see the difference in the lake too!  Pine Creek began running on January 30 and continues to add water to the lake.  The trout have starting moving up the creek to spawn and Fish and Wildlife biologists are assisting with the rearing process by collecting fish in the trap.  Hopefully the lake will get up to a level that will allow us to use the marina launch ramp once again this year.

With this billing, we will be sending bills via email to those who contacted us after the request in the January Newsletter.   Anyone else wishing to receive their bill by email can call Virginia at (530) 825-3258 and request it for future billings.  We would like to cut down on our postage and printing cost by billing in this manner.  Also, did you know that you can pay by the year?  We now have over 200 of our customers paying annually.  Why pay annually?  Because you save 10% by doing so.  If you paid by the quarter,  the total cost would be $312.  We charge $300 when you pay by the year.  Again, contact Virginia if you are interested in this payment plan.

This Spring, we will begin a project to close two of the three ponds, but still retain their availability if needed.  We received two grants worth about $250,000 that has allowed us to do this project.  This will save millions of gallons of water being pumped out of the ground each year to hold down the pond liners.  We are very excited to get this project done.

Our new solar system produced 93% of the energy that we consumed at the property on Mahogany.  We are putting away $4,800 in savings each year so that this project pays for itself in eight years and then produces free energy from that time until it no longer functions.  Just think, 15+ years of free energy!

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Summer hours will begin at the District Office on May 23, 2016.  We will be open M, W & F from 9:30 to 3:30.  Remember that the lobby is always open so that those with PO Boxes can pick up their mail and grab a newspaper.

We look forward to a busy Summer and the renewed activities with a useable lake!
Chris Gallagher, General Manager, SCSD and Staff!